Treating a Quad strain for a Super Heavyweight Powerlifter before the KERN US Open Powerlifting Meet

Jun 28, 2018

Background about the person and their injury: B is a well-respected powerlifter in San Diego. He had been training very hard for the annual KERN US open competition. This event was set to take place in less than 3 weeks. B came in to our office with...

How Acupuncture May Help Relieve Insomnia

Jun 21, 2018

Feel like you're not getting enough sleep? You're not the only one. Sleep deprivation is prevalent;...

Treating a high hamstring strain before a powerlifting competition using Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

Jun 05, 2018

Background about the person and their injury: V is a well-respected female powerlifter who is currently training hard for the KERN US Open Powerlifting meet. She contacted us toward the end of her training cycle, just a few weeks before the...

Free Acupuncture Treatments for Veterans through the Veterans Choice Program

Jun 08, 2017

Did you know if you served in the military and you now qualify for medical coverage through the department of Veterans Affairs that you also qualify for free acupuncture treatments through the Veterans Choice Program?? The Veterans’ Access to Care...

The Treatment of Whiplash related injuries with Acupuncture

Mar 04, 2016

Treating Whiplash with Acupuncture The two most common ailments that I treat in the clinic are neck pain and back pain. Out of the nearly 1500 treatments I did in 2015 at least 1200 of them involved some element of neck or back pain. Of course, pain...

What is Sports Medicine Acupuncture?

Sep 30, 2015

You’re probably here because you’re wondering what exactly is a Sports Medicine Acupuncture treatment and how is it different from a regular acupuncture treatment. I put the following together to answer that very question. I hope it satisfies your...


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