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No longer need surgery in my knee!

My doctor had recommended surgery for the bursitis in my knee. I decided to give acupuncture a try. I saw Uzi twice a week for about 3 weeks starting in early July. Swelling in my knee started going down right after the first session. It continued to go down with each visit. After the treatments my Dr. advised that surgery would no longer be needed. I'm now back to training Jiu Jitsu as well. Huge thanks to Uzi for helping me get better. I highly recommend people go visit San Diego Sports Acupuncture. I wish I had gone sooner after getting injured.

- Adam S

Uzi fixed my shoulder in 3 treatments

Uzi and his assistant did an amazing job on my shoulder issue. Uzi was so professional and thorough. I got results after one visit and resolved the problem by the third. Highly recommended!

- Patricio P

Helped my needle shy daughters feel at ease

Uzi and Sean are incredibly thorough and knowledgeable about anatomy, taking the time to listen and to perform detailed diagnostics before performing treatment. Their focus is on sports medicine acupuncture specifically -- so if you're looking to recover quickly from a sports related injury to get back in the game, this is the place to go. Uzi and Sean have treated both of my daughters with great results. Both of them are a bit needle-shy but got through their treatments happily. Highly recommend.

- Sandi A

Results just short of miraculous

Talk about life-changing. Dr. Uzi made a huge difference in my first visit with chronic muscle tension in my neck and shoulders that caused repeated migraines, as well as helping to get rid of pain in my lower back and piriformis. I'd been foam rolling and going to massage or yoga for years but have always suffered with temporary results. I felt like acupuncture had a slim chance of helping. Instead, it's been just short of miraculous in the results. I appreciate Dr. Uzi's expertise, consultative style and very gentle approach. Highly recommend him!

- Danielle B

Great experiences with both practitioners

Have seen both gentlemen and can highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve quality of life and mobility. Suffered from debilitating calf and circulation issues and after successive treatments am feeling significantly better. Easy to book appointments and pleasant people to be around, give them a shot!

- Robert D

Another success for Uzi

I've had an injury for two years that a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and a podiatrist couldn't help. I finally saw a breakthrough with Dr. Uzi and his team. Very happy so far with how the pain has been subsiding over time.

- Graham G

Uzi Saved my low back when nothing else could

As a very "right brained" math/science person, I'm always skeptical about things like acupuncture and needling; however, I figured at this point it was worth a shot due to how much pain I was in (other treatments such as the chiropractor, yoga and massage didn't help). Prior to going to see Dr. Uzi Chen, my lower back was so bad I'd have to brace myself and awkwardly twist to pick up my shoes or throw out a bag of garbage. Also, my shoulder was so locked up I couldn't sit behind a desk or work without constant pain. Dr. Chen took the time to evaluate what he thought would be beneficial for me, and absolutely went above and beyond - if he felt I needed a bit more treatment that day, he'd continue working with me well past my time slot at no extra charge. He discovered my shoulder pain was referred pain from tightness in my neck, and helped reduce the stress and tension in my lower back. This has been literally life altering for me. I can now bend down without pain and work for hours without issue. I absolutely recommend him as an acupuncturist and encourage anyone with muscular issues to set up an appointment with him. Simply put, Dr. Chen is phenomenal.

- Stefan C

The first place to relieve my neck pain

Now I can sit in the car and go shopping without noticeable neck pain. I have had Degenerative Disc disease for one year, I have been following all the exercise instructions and have been treated by serval physical therapists. My neck pain was not alleviated, but it got worse. Until I met Dr. Uzi Chen, a skillful acupuncturist, my neck pain was reduced from a pain scale of 5 to 3 or 2. Uzi is a very friendly and thoughtful acupuncture doctor. I strongly recommend him.

- Hsiuwan L.

Tremendous results with stubborn low back pain

I saw Sean a week ago for an acupuncture treatment. I have had major lower back pain for 5 weeks and had 7 Chiropratic treatments elsewhere. My experience with Sean was tremendous I felt that it really helped me plus Sean showed genuine concern for my recovery. I am going back hopefully today. Thanks Sean!

- Mark L.

Lasting relief for Sciatica after nothing else helped

Amazing experience with San Diego Sports Acupuncture. I initially came in for issues with my lower back/sciatica. After trying various methods thinking it would never go away I decided to give acupuncture a try. I can honestly say my symptoms and day-to-day back pain has immensely improved. I finally have the relief I’ve been looking for. In addition, not only did Uzi tackle this issue he also addressed some minor nagging injuries. If you want a top notch, educated, and thoughtful acupuncturist look no further. Uzi at San Diego Sports Acupuncture is the way to go. Thank You Again.

- Sean B

Neck pain was gone after 3 treatments

Uzi Chen was working me through my neck pain
And after 3 visits I felt so much better. This guy is a real professional, patient and was able to locate the specific place of my injury.
I would highly recommend seeing him!!!

- Lilach C

Success with Wrist Tendinitis

I was treated by Dr. Uzi Chen for a wrist tendonitis condition. that was my first experience with Acupuncture. Dr. Chen was very professional, knowledgable and compassionate , and the treatment was very effective. I have been treated by Dr. Chen for other minor conditions and I was always very satisfied with the treatment and the results. Highly recommended

- Hanan C.

Pain free after years of dealing with a chronic injury

Uzi is amazing. He is well-educated about muscles and how the body is working. He diagnosed me accurately and did treatments that helped me to heal. He is so patient and give me long time for the treatment and he communicated effectively to explain to me what he is doing and asking about what are I am feeling. Also Uzi did stretches after the treatment and recommended some exercises to do at home that helped much. I felt a big relief from the first treatment although my injury was from years ago. Basically, i owe Uzi being pain free and he made me a believer of the power of Acupuncture!

- Eman E

Bridging East and West

Sean is a very skillful practitioner that bridges both east and west approaches gracefully. His ability to explain the treatment in western medical terms, while connecting to eastern methodology/origins, has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the treatment as well as how it impacts mind-body. Additionally he promotes a very comfortable environment where you can relax and be at ease. As far as treatment, been going for chronic pain that has decreased in severity. He has also helped shift some asymmetries in my posture that likely are leading into multiple symptoms. I highly recommend him!

- Adam C

Nurse with Sciatica

Being a nurse, I was skeptical about acupuncture and if it truly was effective. Having sciatica pain for months now, I decided to give it a try. After my first appointment with Sean, I am a true believer!! Thanks Sean for the relief.

- Kirsten O

Uzi is very patient with his explanations

I truly recommend Dr. Uzi Chen. He is highly skilled. Always explaining and patient. Uzi cures any injury of mine whether it is acute or chronic. Thank you Dr. Uzi Chen.

- Freda B

Uzi Fixed my Meniscus

When I first Met Uzi Chen, I had a painful and swollen knee with limited range of motion. Instead of meeting with a surgeon, I desperately decided to try acupuncture for my very first time. Based on my first couple of exams and my symptoms, he told me it looks like I'm suffering from a torn meniscus, which I had believed was the case before I met with him. It didn't take very long for me to notice huge improvements. I am now pain free and am back to about 90-95% range of motion and am also back to my normal work and work-out routines. What impressed me most, besides Uzi's undeniable knowledge and skill, is the way he communicates with his patients as he is inserting the needles. From reviews I've heard from family and friends who've seen other acupuncturists, they said these therapists simply inserted needles without communicating with their patients and they all said it got more and more painful with each visit and they stopped treatments before they could see real results. So before you decide to just "live with the pain" or go visit a surgeon, I highly recommend you go visit Uzi for an evaluation and treatment. There is no doubt in my mind that Uzi is one of the elite acupuncturists in San Diego!

- Valerie P

Uzi Fixed my Frozen Shoulder

After going weeks without being able to sleep at night due to the pain from a frozen shoulder diagnosis, I decided to try San Diego Sports Acupuncture. After my first two treatments with acupuncture and message, there was dramatic pain relief. As I continued with my treatments, the pain level continued to decrease and my shoulder's range of motion improved. I highly recommend seeing Uzi if you are suffering from frozen shoulder or any other ailment. He's a knowledgeable, gentle, and considerate practitioner. I also appreciated his honesty and transparency regarding pricing -- everything is straight-forward. My shoulder is now functioning again -- no more sharp pain or sleepless nights thanks to Uzi!!


15 years of foot pain healed

Thank you Sean! After 15 years of foot pain and declining lifestyle activities, you helped me heal. I now do everything pain free....hiking, walking, dancing. I continue to appreciate the regular maintenance on this body, keeping me strong, flexible, and able to perform my physically demanding work. You also keep me up to date on the science of human physiology helping me to take care of my health. Cant recommend ypu highly enough!

- Deb R.

Treating Shoulder Pain when Western Medicine Didn't Help

I injured my shoulder while working out and went to an orthopedic surgeon when the pain did not subside after a month and a half. Was told to take NSAIDs and call it a day. I went to see Sean instead and could not be more pleased with the progress after a couple of sessions. Sean is super nice and the treatments have helped tremendously in terms of diminishing pain and restoring mobility. I would highly recommend him to anyone with a sports related issue, especially if you've found traditional medicine less than helpful.

- Raluca P.

Ongoing Maintenance for an Elite Triathlete

I am an elite triathlete but hadn't been able to run or compete in over a year because of injuries when I came to see Sean and Uzi. My oldest injury was plantar fasciitis, which had sidelined me for over a year. During that time, I had tried just about everything for my plantar -- PT, massage/ART, a night boot, a steroid injection, religious stretching, custom orthotics, etc., but none of it seemed to be working. After a few weeks of treatments and following Sean's recommendations for what to do (and not to do) for it at home, it had almost completely resolved. That was over 9 months ago now, and I'm fully back to running and haven't had any issues with my plantar.

I still visit Sean and Uzi fairly frequently now that I'm back training again, especially if something is starting to feel not quite right. I have certain muscles that almost always feel a little tight or overworked, and I feel like their treatment helps keep them from becoming bigger problems. I highly recommend both Sean and Uzi -- they are excellent at what they do, as well as very knowledgeable and generous with their time.

- Amanda F

Success with the treatment of chronic pain in a military veteran

Dr. Chen is highly skilled at his craft. Great results and now pain free.

- Michael T

Treatment of Tennis Elbow by Uzi

I went to see Uzi at San Diego Sports Acupuncture for my severe tennis elbow. After about 9 treatments, my elbow is about 85% recovered and continues to recover. My shoulder is also being treated for some joint discomfort as part of the whole arm. Uzi is very experienced in treating this type of injuries, and had a good plan after the first thorough exam, which just played out as expected. He cares the patience and always does the best treatment for every visit, which involves carefully discussions with patient of the progress, status and plan; adding more steps and spending more times in the each treatment. I appreciate his professional treatments for my elbow that is on the way of a fully recovery.

- Yongsheng P

I'm an Acupuncturist and I see Uzi for treatment

I'm an acupuncturist and when I have shoulder pain or back pain, I go see Uzi Chen. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about anatomical muscle testing and treatment, he's very personable and gentle.

- Jennifer M

Quick Relief for a Knee Injury

I injured my knee because of a bad fall while skiing and it was bothering me for a while. My regular doctor diagnosed it as a simple muscle strain and suggested I give it time and take anti-inflammatories till it resolves. However, I don't believe in medications, I think they're masking the real problem and not helping heal it. I came to Uzi with SD Sports Acupuncture and he did a really thorough exam and diagnosed it as a sartorius muscle strain at the attachment site. He explained that the tendon attachment site is by definition lacking good blood flow and that the acupuncture role is to increase blood circulation to that area to help it heal. As he had said, that actually seemed to be the case because my knee feels much much better after his treatments and I can now return to enjoying my active exercise routine. Uzi is super nice, knowledgable, personal and enthusiastic about what's he is doing. Highly recommend Uzi!

- Naomi C

Plantar Fasciitis in a Runner

As an avid runner I came to see Sean when I realized I was dealing with plantar fasciiatis for the first time ever. Within 4 treatments my pain has substantially subsided. Sean gave me several at home exercises as part of my treatment. Of course you need to be patient (which I'm normally not) to feel the results.

Tomorrow I plan to take my first whirl back running to see how things go, but I'm optimistic. Unlike other doctors saying "don't run", Sean highly encourages you to stay active during your recovery.

- Christine B

Absolutely Incredible Work Done Here

Absolutely incredible work done here. One session and Sean had my shoulder moving much better than the past two years of treatment from all sorts of other modalities. He actually helps you get better, not keeps you trailing and coming back for more. The use of other modalities such as cupping, guasha and Chinese medicinal tinctures gives a very inclusive and well rounded aspect to his practice.

- Andrew O

The Combined Benefit and Western and Eastern Medicine

Dr. Sean Davis has a unique ability to take direct experience as an athlete and combine it with a wealth of knowledge—western & eastern— depth is matched by his genuine desire to not only help the patient feel better shortly, but live better longly. People of all skill levels that want to heal healthier live as a better version of themselves should not hesitate to work with Dr. Sean Davis.

- Dan F

Amazed at the Results

I threw out my back for the 4th time and decided to try something different to relieve the pain and regain mobility faster — acupuncture. I couldn’t believe how fast I recovered this time. In the past, it took at least a week to even “start” feeling better — and that was with muscle relaxants and no treatment. Thank you, Sean and Uzi, for all your help in getting me back to “better than normal.” I wish I had known about you years ago!

Day 1
• Came in w/ muscle spasms, pain, little mobility
• painful getting in & out of car
• needed assistance getting onto the bed
• got my 1st treatment from Sean
• took 800 mg ibuprofen
• felt about 40% better w/in a few hours

Day 2
• upon waking felt about 60% better
• Uzi gave me my 2nd treatment that afternoon including gentle stretches
• able to get up onto the bed without assistance
• reduced ibuprofen to 600 mg
• felt about 80% better within an hour
• able to get in and out of my car without pain
• regained so much more mobility
• able to wipe down car after car wash
• amazed at how fast acupuncture worked

Day 3
• felt 80-90% better
• did stretches & core exercises

Day 4
• went to work feeling 80-90% better
• took 2 ibuprofens
• did stretches & core exercises

Day 5 on
• no muscle spasms
• no pain
• no ibuprofen
• 100% pain-free mobility

I went back today to get a final treatment from Uzi and more tips on gentle stretching.

I’m sure results vary, but judging how quickly I recovered, I would say that acupuncture was the effective treatment that worked like a miracle for me.

- Suzanne B

Uzi Healed my Foot and Fixed the Root of my Pain

Uzi treated a lingering foot injury with precision and skill. Within a month and a half of regular treatment my injury subsided and I was able to return to my regular activities. Uzi has an excellent understanding of anatomy and treated a cascade of muscoskeletal structures I did not realize were related. I would highly recommend San Diego Sports Acupuncture and I will be returning in the future.

- Graham W

Great Results for an Olympic Weightlifter

I first came to see Sean over 3 years ago for 2-month old knee pain from an overuse injury that had gotten so bad I could not climb up and down stairs without pain. It had lasted for 2 months because I had tried to foam roll, stretch, and self-massage with no improvement. I came to Sean and within 2 1-hour sessions I was back to feeling 80% healed, and within 3 more I was back in action.
What’s great about Sean is he himself has dabbled in multiple sports, so he has another dimension of understanding the origins of injury for athletes, and tailors his acupuncture and other therapies that way. He doesn’t try to push regular sessions on you like many physical therapists do, but tries to get you up and running as soon as possible. I don’t like to see physical therapists if I can’t help it because of the cost involved and the time taken out of the day to visit them. But when I do have a pain that I can’t pinpoint the origin of, or when I have a muscle group I need to hit the reset button on, Sean is my go-to guy. In the past 3 years I have gone to physical therapy infrequently, but every time I go it is almost always to Sean.
At the end of the day, if you have a pain or ache that isn’t getting resolved by the doctor telling you to take ibuprofen and ice, give Sean a try. He’s a great guy and an asset to any active person.

- Andy H

Excellent Results from both Uzi and Sean

My acupuncturist in northern CA highly recommended Sean Davis to me two years ago when I injured my knee while running a race, and I was so glad she did! He was super thorough in his assessment, and did an amazing job with the treatment. As a physical therapist, I really appreciate the care he took to addressing my movement patterns that needed to be changed in order to prevent the problem from happening again. His aim was definitely to give me the tools to help myself, not to get me hooked on his treatments.

I really wanted to go back to Sean recently when I was having long-standing back pain and tailbone pain after a tailbone injury several months ago, but he was booked so I got an appointment with Uzi Chen. Given Sean's pride in his work and passion for his profession, I knew anyone working at this location would be great. Uzi was just as passionate and knowledgeable. His treatment totally exceeded my expectations - my back pain was better immediately and my tailbone pain was significantly reduced. Beyond that, he is super informative about his approach, and really cares about your comfort and making sure that all of your complaints are addressed.

- Sloane R

Helped my wife when others had given up

Very professional and received great results from the treatments. Sean was able to work wonders with my wife even though she was wheelchair bound. I recommend them highly.

- Robert C

Significant Shoulder Pain Relief after 1 Treatment

Big shout out to Sean Davis of SD Sports Acupuncture! I had injured my shoulder a year previous to my visit, and within one session he had my shoulder feeling great. He actually helps you get better by suggesting exercises to do and practice regularly and really working with his patients to heal. His knowledge of human anatomy and how the human body is supposed to work is impressive. It's nice to know he uses that knowledge and shares it with patients to heal.

- G Garcia

Relief From Chronic Neck Pain

Highly recommended!
I've heard about SDSA from friend after I suffered almost a week from a strong and continuous pain in my neck and the right shoulder. I've tried lots of pain reliefs and drugs but nothing helped.
I came to Uzi and I thought it'll be one or two needles, 10 min and done. I was delighted to find out the opposite. The treatment was long and committed, attentive with professional and pleasant approach!
After the first treatment I felt a big relief and could return to my workout almost without pain.
I came again after two days for a second treatment and after a week for the third and last. After the last treatment I felt no pain at all!
Every time I came I felt I'm in good hands and after each session I felt huge relief! The sessions included acupuncture, wind cups, stretches and many helpful explanations. I highly recommend San Diego Sport Acupuncture and in particular Uzi.

- קסם כהן

Kept my husband from dropping out of a military training course

My husband worked with Sean for a knee injury that could have gotten him dropped out of a very high level military training course that he trained 2 yrs for to make the cut. He did all the exercises Sean gave him during his treatment and the pain and inflammation (that had been there for months) Was gone within 2 weeks. He saw several other therapist to treat his injury without luck...until he went to SD Sports Acupuncture. Our family is forever grateful!

- Gracie D.

Fixed a Kettlebell Coach's Rotator Cuff

Sean is an absolute miracle worker.  I was really struggling with a rotator cuff injury and Sean was able to fit me in and heal it completely in just under a month.  I was incredibly impatient and wanted results quickly but he rehabbed the injury, also alleviated some annoying knee pain at the same time, and made sure that I had full range of motion and could work out again.  Happy to say I've been injury free for years now.  My mom from the east coast was also in town for a visit and had struggled with frozen shoulder for years after an untreated rotator issue and was able to move pain free after just ONE VISIT with Sean!  She's been looking for a sport acupuncturist like him in Virginia unsuccessfully. As a trainer, I recommend that all of my clients go to SD Sports Acupuncture for muscular and ligament issues.  So many people waste time and money going to a ton of different offices.  Trust me when I say that Sean is the only person you need to schedule with.  Don't overthink the acupuncture thing and stop making excuses, BOOK NOW!

- Laura R.

Fixed Piriformis Pain in a Competitive Runner

Last year, I was having nagging issues with my piriformis. I was training for a race, and was worried about running in pain or causing major damage, so a coworker referred me to Sean Davis. I was excited to see a sports-specific acupuncturist, and had high hopes. Sean did an incredibly thorough initial exam and assessment, and then hooked me up for my first treatment. Afterwards, he showed me several exercises and stretches I could do at home to supplement my treatments. After just two more treatments, and a solid *sproing* sensation in my piriformis, my pain was GONE. I continued to do my exercises for the next 6+ months, and have remained nearly pain free ever since. Even though I hope I never need him again (sorry Sean, ha), I would recommend Sean to anyone in a heartbeat.

- Laura L.

Fixed my SI Joint pain with acupuncture post auto accident

I was skeptical about receiving acupuncture as a treatment modality post my auto accident in 2015. Working with Sean Davis my thoughts about acupuncture have changed. Sean was professional and thorough with my evaluation and was able to get to root of my pain symptoms from the SI joint injury. I received great benefits from acupuncture treatments myself and proceeded to refer the rest of my family and friends for acupuncture treatments with Sean. All aspects of care with him are easy from billing to scheduling and his office also has herbs to enhance your treatment effectiveness if necessary. I would recommend this institution without hesitation. Sean's practice is growing and things can only get better.

- Renu J.

Relief from a Sedentary Lifestyle

I've been to many an acupuncturist in San Diego and Sean is one of the best I've visited. There's a reason why I always come back to him whenever I have issues. I can tell him my symptoms and I am guaranteed to feel better by the end of the appointment. He is very thoughtful, a great listener and really knows what he's talking about. Sometimes you can go to a primary care doctor and have them treat you like you're imagining your symptoms, but Sean really hears you and adjusts his treatments to cater to your body's needs every visit. I started coming to him for my back problems a few years ago, but now I come for anything that's bothering me from my sedentary lifestyle as an Engineer! HIGHLY recommend Sean!

- Mary V.

Back pain for several years and a hamstring injury just disappeared

I had fantastic results with Sean Davis. I play basketball and had a hamstring injury and recurring back injuries. The acupuncture combined with physical therapy exercises he taught me took all the pain away. I've had muscular back pain for years and it has disappeared. Sean has a great bedside manner and takes time to explain and understand your injury.

- Jay P.

Fixed my quad tear and more just in time for a big powerlifting meet

About a month ago, I tore my quad while preparing for a powerlifting meet. Thanks to Uzi, I was able to get in and get treatment right away. He was able to to get the blood flowing and take away the majority of the pain from the injury. On top of that, he hit a few other trouble spots. I didn't even realize I was in pain until he worked on them. It was crazy to see how those spots affected my performance once worked on. Super thankful to Uzi for getting me in quickly, and keeping up with my progress. He'd check on me often and make sure I was healing up like I should be. Not only that, but Uzi gave me exercises to help my recovery time and help this thing not happen again. Really appreciate the care! Thanks, Uzi!

- Brandis D.

Competitive powerlifter with a high hamstring strain

I'm four weeks out from the biggest powerlifting meet of the year and a week ago, I was lying down on the gym floor unable to squat even 25% of my normal weights. I had no idea how I would be able to squat without pain and get my training down in time for the meet. I reached out to Sean at San Diego Acupuncture. He set me up with Uzi and I was seen the following day. 
After just one treatment, I was able to deadlift my max amount. After two, I was able to squat with full use of my body with minimal pain. 
Uzi was knowledgable and really cared about his work. He wasn't only concerned with helping me be out of pain, but finding the root cause of the issue. He also explained everything he was doing and even double checked if it was OK to touch me when treatment was given. I felt completely at ease. 
Not only did I get wonderful treatment, but I was taught after care to help my issues not come back. I truly felt like Uzi saw the whole picture and worked hard to get me out of pain. I'm seriously so grateful to him for giving such amazing care. I will be a loyal client for as long as I am in San Diego.

Note: Valerie ended up breaking the world record for deadlift in her weight category twice at that competition.

- Valerie D.

Knee is ready for a 28 mile hike!

I am an avid hiker and rock climber. I injured my knee about 6 months ago.  The injury has been a huge disruption in my daily active life. I got an MRI, went to physical therapy, and no progress was being made. Then I made my first appointment for acupuncture at San Diego Sports Acupuncture. My swelling and pain immediately went down after my first session. I came back and met with Uzi. I explained to him my situation and how i'm training for a 28 mile hike challenge on the PCT. He has been amazing! He has been explaining possible causes of my injury, providing me with exercises and stretches, and my knee has made substantial progress. My challenge is this weekend, and while my knee is not 100%, it is a thousand times closer thanks to Uzi and San Diego Sports Acupuncture. I will continue to have sessions after the challenge to help with recovery. Highly recommend coming here!

- Juanita C.

Excellent Attention Given

Absolutely love the guys at SD sports Acupuncture. I am a professional athlete and appreciate good quality attention to my body to ensure its running smoothly. I went in to SD sports Accu about 3 weeks ago with an injury I needed immediate attention to due to a competition coming up soon. Sean and Uzi were my main guys I saw, and my improvements immediately were unreal. So easy to deal with, So friendly and extremely good at what they do, id highly recommend ANYONE to see these guys, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Thank you for helping me out Uzi and Sean!!

- Lozza B.

Consistent results with treatment for pain

Just so you all know, I don't take the time to write reviews unless I have experienced amazing service and results. In the past, my experiences with other acupuncture treatments were neither memorable or effective. I don't know how Sean does this but he can read the body and he knows exactly where to pinpoint - pun intended! He has transformed me on numerous occasions from having limited to no mobility, and severe pain, to an almost complete reversal of all symptoms after only one treatment. I have referred numerous people to him and I have always received thanks for the referral because their results were similar. For those of your who are afraid of or who don't believe in acupuncture, do yourself a favor and think again. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Sean!!

- C.F.

Arm hurt so bad I couldn't sleep...

Sean is really excellent in his craft.  I went to see Sean after more than 5 glowing recommendations from people who have worked with him in the past.  I had a shoulder injury and it just wasn't healing.  After my first visit with Sean, I noticed immediate relief and it was the first day in 3 weeks I was able to move my arm without pain.  I will be going to Sean often in the future, can't recommend him highly enough!  Thanks again for everything Sean.

- Haylee B.

Saved me for my Physical Fitness Test!

There is NO better acupuncturist in the world than Dr. Sean at San Diego Sports Acupuncture! 

Let me say this again....Dr. Sean is THE DOCTOR TO WORK WITH!

This summer and fall, he helped me as I trained for and passed some rigorous physical fitness tests (PFTs). While training, I developed pinched nerve pain in my lower back and while chiropractic helped to relieve that, it also through the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and head out of whack.  While my pinched nerves were fixed, I found I now had tremendous headaches if I tried to lift more than 40lbs. or tried to run longer than 2 min. I didn't know what to do or where to start!  I thought I would have to cancel these PFTs and miss out on some incredible professional opportunities.  BUT one day I found Dr. Sean's practice online and am so happy I registered for an appointment.

Registering online for appointments was the easiest thing in the world.  Dr. Sean takes all types of insurances but offered a great personal touch by offering to verify my insurance and eliminate any surprises. It means a lot when your doctor offers to do something like that. I came in and we talked about the issues I'd been having and then he got to work treating those points with acupuncture needles. He was very informative and walked me through each step of the process. After the treatment, he stretches that area out, as well.  This is another great touch!  After all of this, he then gives you great stretches you can do on your own each day to help with the recovery process.

After 1 treatment with Dr. Sean, I felt my symptoms were 90% better. I was able to go for a run within 24 hours and felt great. I was able to lift weights. It was literally a miracle.  I don't know how he did it.  But I was able to continue on with my PFT training and successfully pass while feeling healthy and strong, with his help. Dr. Sean is my secret weapon to tackling the curveballs that come with physical training.  I can't recommend him highly enough to absolutely everyone - from athletes to my parents - everyone would benefit from working with him. He treats both athletes and everyday human beings.  He is that good.  And his fees are extremely reasonable!

An excellent doctor! Please check him out!

- Mary A.

Sciatica after Crossfit

To all who do Crossfit or San Diego Athletes in general , if you have sport injuries go see LAc Sean Davis.  I hurt my back working out and a Doctor told me I might need surgery or the pain will go away on its own with time. I couldn't handle the pain. My sciatic nerve was shooting down my leg. After the first acupuncture visit with LAc Sean Davis I feel so much better. I walked out with minimal pain. I believe few more times and this is going to get fixed without surgery or time dealing with pain. 

SD sport acupuncture is a great place. I'm so glad I found it :)

- Beata L.

Whiplash injury while training for an Iron Man

I was in a car accident exactly one month before I was to begin training for IRONMAN Maryland. Sean was working against the clock but through acupuncture, managed to heal the pain I was feeling in my neck and left glute. Throughout my training, I never experienced any flare ups and was able to cross the finish line seven months and 140.6 miles later. 

- Ivy S.

No more arm pain

Phenomenal job.  I've had arm pain for years and Sean has done so much to relieve it, and he made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.  I won't hesitate to recommend him to any friends or coworkers.

- Jordan M.

A great complement to Physical Therapy

I was a bit skeptical when my wife told me about Sean Davis, I imagined a short yoda-like Asian guru. But found out that he was pretty cool and functionally was very in tune with the Sports body and has been an amazing complement to traditional PT and medicine. Often Sean is faster to help diagnose my issues and provide immediate relief to areas of pain. He's helped me with neck, back pains. Running knee issues and showed me imbalances and stress channels. Giving me functional exercises to work on. I would recommend Sean to anyone.

- Shawn C.

No more back pain in 2 treatments!

Sean has been amazing...I've been 3 times so far.  I had mid back pain for almost 2 years and received different treatments with no success.  Since going to Sean, I was pain free after my second session! He is great!

- Nicole E.

Recovery from whiplash

After my car accident I was plagued with very painful and random nerve pain.  I would suddenly feel very hot burning sensations in completely random joints in my body due to nerve damage as a result of whole body whiplash. The pain would last from 20 - 30 minutes then disappear only to reappear 30 or 40 minutes later somewhere else.  Working with Sean made an immediate and dramatic difference to this symptom.  Healing from the accident completely took time but I do not think I would have healed completely without acupuncture.

- Laurie M.

Fixed my tennis elbow so I could lift weights and do martial arts!

I had a really bad case of tennis elbow a while back that had been going on for over 6 months, and it kept getting worse. It was really interfering with my life. I do martial arts and lift weights, and it was getting nearly impossible to work out. The fact that Sean does martial arts also, gave him a great understanding of what was going on in my body.

After he started working on me, my elbow started to dramatically improve. After only a couple of weeks my elbow was 90% better. Sean is an excellent acupuncturist, and he really knows his stuff. I highly recommend him. You will be very glad you went.

- Ray D.

Fixed my torn Rotator Cuff and my IT Band!

Wow, I am blown away! I recently had an incident with my shoulder and after not being able to complete a normal kettlebell workout, my trainer suggested I see Sean. As he handed me Sean's business card I responded with, "Absolutely not. You will not catch me dead at an Acupuncturist!" Two weeks went by with me constantly complaining about my arm and when I noticed things weren't getting better, I knew I had to do something about it. After realizing a chiropractor would not be able to help me out since it was not bone related, and that the doctor would only send me on a wild goose chase, I gave in...

But holy heck! My initial visit was great. Sean worked his magic and when I left, I immediately went to my workout. I was completely shocked that within a matter of an hour I was able to go back to my daily routine and complete a workout in its entirety! 

I had a follow up appointment a week later and during that time mentioned my IT band was a bit tight. He focused on both my arm and my IT band and sent me off to my workout with no problems! 

Sean is an extremely intelligent, caring, personable, and attentive person and I can't thank him enough! I not only swear by acupuncture, but I swear by him! Absolutely make a visit if needed, you won't regret it!

- Zoey O.

Helped me with Hyperthyroid Myopathy

I have been seeing Sean for the past month or so and am incredibly grateful I found his practice. I was in a pretty bad place when I started seeing him (had a hyperthyroid myopathy and could barely take care of myself let alone be active). He was super thoughtful when listening to my story and took in the whole picture. His knowledge of the body, especially the nuances of the musculoskeletal system, is impressive. My muscles have been steadily healing since my treatments with him and I am finally starting to feel normal again. His combination of acupuncture and soft tissue release are unbeatable. He's also very knowledgeable about chinese herbs as well. AND he takes most insurance. He would have been great to have around when I used to be an athlete! The best I've seen in San Diego by far.

- Natalie F.

The Best Acupuncturist for Aches, Pains, and Injuries

By Far the best Acupuncturist I have ever been to.

SD Sports Acupuncture is no the typical frou frou practice.  Sean knows the ins and outs of anatomy and because he is an incredibly athletic guy he gets why you are having pain and how to help you stop and prevent it from coming back.

I am a fan for life and love the fact that he works with most insurances and you can even check to see if your insurance is covered on his website.  What a great idea!…

It is great that I can book an appointment online with easy convenience whenever I feel like I am in need of a treatment. 

Sean has helped me in 2 traumatic injuries as well, one where my arm had all but lost feeling and another where hurting my back meant I could not even drive a car.  Both were no joke 80% better after 1 treatment.  

Best Acupuncturist in San Diego Period.

- Cody B.

Long Overdue

This review is long overdue, deserve a 6 star if there was an option.

Normally when you see a business with all 5 stars, alert: owner might be screening and faking reviews, but not this place!

Ive had supraspinatus issues for over a year, visited countless chiropractors and physical therapiest, none are very effective. Sean is very patient and specializes in sports injuries, he will try various methods on you until one works, unlike most other business who are just trying to get you in and out. 

Sean is also very flexible with his timing, overall i would recommend A+!

- Jesse J.

Fixed my shoulder and my heel

I highly recommend Sean. A year and a half ago I was  seeking relief from a pinched nerve pain in my upper arm. The pain was keeping me up at night and steadily getting worse. Massage therapy just wasn't  reaching it, and stretching wasn't the answer either.   My massage therapist recommended Sean. After the first treatment I felt at least 50% relief. After the second treatment the pain was 100% gone.
A couple of months ago I came back to Sean with EXTREME pain in my Achilles' tendon .  He really is treating this with his full attention and great care. He has given me great relief along with effective stretches to keep the inflammation down. This is not a quick fix problem,but Sean is giving me drug free, surgery free relief, and I truly appreciate his dedication to the correct combination of treatment

- Joanne F.

The Bruce Lee of Acupuncture

It's not like Sean still needs extra long version 5 star reviews, but I feel like I am really short handing him if I don't record my magical recovery here for others to share. It's a little delayed, but honestly I started to draft a 5 star review in mind ever since the first treatment.

Being a Chinese, I have relatives that are acupuncturists back in China; I have had here and back in China enough treatment experiences to compare. That said I am picky, and had a bad theory that an American-trained acupuncturists is just for maintenance can't really cure people. That was wrong, because I met Sean.

What Sean brings to the table is the accuracy of western medicine style of analysis, management and logical diagnosis; plus a deep understanding from the sports medicine science point of view; which to a point I don't think traditional acupuncture achieved, at least not when it was invented thousands years ago. That's why Sean's needles have eyes; and Sean himself has "CT" vision as to those layers of muscular indispositions.

So back to the first treatment, I had been seeing a chiropractor and PT 3 times a week nearly 2 months prior, didn't help.  For a whiplash neck injury from a car accident I felt like my neck was possessed by a evil monster. It was so messed up I couldn't even sort out where the head was of this evil monster. I couldn't tell Sean much except my neck hurts, badly.  I felt Sean's initial examination was extra long.  I understood why soon as he sank those needles into that twisted monster. The monster was finally being fired at head on....for the first time.

Followed the first visit, I went 2x a week, then 1x a week. Every time, the little needle on Sean's finger tip was the predator of this monster lived in my neck.   

I am very happy about Sean's  efficient, accurate, no nonsense style of treatments.  As far as I am concerned, Sean is to sports acupuncture as Bruce Lee is to Martial Arts . Not kidding!

- Ann G.

Achilles pain slowed me down

I visited Sean over the course of several months to treat some nagging achilles tendon pain.  I began treatment as somewhat of a skeptic given that I had not tried acupuncture before.  As other methods of treatment produced less than stellar results, I figured I had nothing to lose with acupuncture.  I found Sean to be very professional, dedicated and eager to help.  He took the time to listen to my story regarding the injury and provided a number of helpful stretching and strengthening exercises to perform on my own time, outside of his treatment.  Regarding the treatment, it appears that Sean's acupuncture treatment did provide substantial relief as I am back to running with a significant reduction in pain (almost unnoticeable).  I, therefore, highly recommend Sean for acupuncture treatment.

- Robert S.

Fixed my low back pain and aligned my hips

I've never written a review, but I'm making an exception because Sean helped me so much. After months of agonizing spinal, lower back and leg pain, countless prescriptions and PT that didn't work, I finally found Sean. He took the time to really read the medical report and understood what needed to be done. He not only relieved the pain, but also got my spine and hips back into alignment to prevent further injury. He's very easy to talk to and his offices are scrupulously clean. Sean knows what he's doing and takes his work very seriously. Best of all, he deals with your insurance provider. Special note to Kaiser patients: When Kaiser approves acupuncture treatment, you'll get a list of approved providers from ASH. No matter where you live in San Diego, it's worth the drive to get help from Sean. By the way, I hate needles, but this is painless and dare I say, relaxing?

- Carm G.

Great for Triathletes!

As a triathlete, my aches and pains came frequently. When I first started seeing Sean I was impressed with his professionalism and attention to detail. I began to have relief after only a few treatments. Before seeing Sean I had been skeptical about acupuncture therapy, but after experiencing such positive relief I now recommend it to other triathletes and friends. Thanks Sean

- Natalie S.

Hip Pain stopped me in my tracks

I found Sean on Yelp at 3 AM when I couldn't sleep because of hip pain from a running injury. I've been through years of PT for other issues and wanted to try acupuncture, but really needed a sports specialist. His extensive knowledge of muscle relationships helped to unwind the myriad aches and pains to get to the root of the problem. He was able to listen to my generalized descriptions of what was going on and somehow really hear what I couldn't articulate. He treated me with acupuncture and manual joint manipulation, all while I was training for two triathlons. After two months of treatments, I am back to running pain free.

Logistically, it was a very nice experience as well. The online scheduler was very easy to use and he took my insurance, which was a huge bonus. I plan to keep seeing him as part of my training routine.

- Alicia C.

He fixed my neck in 2 treatments!

I'm going to preface this with "this is not meant to be medical advice, any questions should be referred to your licensed practitioners." That said, I'm in training for surgery, I've rotated through services that specialize in spine surgery. One thing I'm beginning to appreciate is that there's a time and place for surgery but oftentimes, for less severe cases, surgery can do more harm than good and frankly, surgeons aren't thoroughly trained to deal with these cases (since we're more interested in operating).

Sean is a miracle worker. My work requires sitting in front of a computer or standing in one position for long periods of time and I have this nagging upper/lower neck pain that persisted for over 2 months. This was steadily getting worse. I tried over the counter stuff that only masked the pain. One day in the burn ICU, one of the RNs, Jenny, saw my discomfort and strongly recommended Sean. I thought, "why not?" There's growing literature that acupuncture is effective for musculoskeletal pain (not to mention a plethora of other ailments). I emailed him to make sure my insurance will at least cover some treatments made an appointment online (which was a breeze).

Sean was very responsive via email. I underwent two treatments spaced about 4 days apart. I'm about a week out and my neck feels great. In fact, it was already feeling better after my first session... I didn't notice the improvement at first, mainly because I didn't notice any neck pain. Given my busy schedule, my history of neck pain suddenly became an after thought.

I'm sure results may vary, I'm just sharing my own. It's hard to believe it myself. One other laudable mention is that I had about a month of right shoulder pain after slamming it on a door. It was more of an annoyance but I didn't mention it to Sean since I was more concerned about my neck. However, prior to performing neck stretches, Sean discerned that I injured my right shoulder without me mentioning it. He just asked out of no where, which both surprised and impressed me. He recommended heat packs and applied ointment to this area. I continued this at home and my right shoulder has improved drastically.

I hesitate to press the red "Post" button below but Sean is more than deserving to have word-of-mouth spread around. I'll be recommending him to my colleagues in the hospital as well. Sean will be the doc I go to when my neck acts up again. I hope you share the same experience as mine... since it's still hard to believe.

Thank you Jenny in BICU for the recommendation and thank you Sean for the much needed relief and extra recommendations

- Sam P.

In Sean I trust, and so should you

I don't always write reviews, but when I do, I prefer that they are about someone as wonderful as Sean. I had been in a car accident in June and suffered some whiplash in my neck. A friend of mine recommended a chiropractor, so I went. Spent 2 months going 3 times a week, and while it was certainly better, I was not 100 percent. What's worse is that the whiplash had actually aggravated an old swimming injury in my shoulder. I was hurting most of the time, and hadn't been in the water for weeks. I was miserable. I surf every day, and do a lot of yoga so I was really keen to get back to full health.

My wife had been going to Sean and recommended I give him a shot. I was blown away, from the first visit. I had never been to acupuncture before, and I am a very skeptical person. My experience with holistic healers has been that they alway seem to know 'exactly' what was wrong with me and how to fix it right off the bat. Sean wasn't like that, he has a very analytical and scientific mind, coupled with extensive sports medicine knowledge, to complement his holistic training and energetic approach. I felt like I was a part of the healing process. He asked questions, he applied the scientific method, he made me feel comfortable and cared for. He took the time to answer my questions about how acupuncture works, which were extensive (I am very curious). Old injuries take time to heal, so I didn't expect any immediate relief. I kept coming back, two days a week, for a month. By the end of the month I was better than I had been before the accident. My only regret is that the insurance money ran out and I can't keep going 2 days a week for other kinks in my body I would like to work out.

I have been an athlete my whole life. I know my body very well, and I take care of it. If you are like me, but still have a few problem areas resulting from overuse or repetitive motion go to Sean before those problem areas become debilitating. You would not believe what a difference it can make. Even if you aren't, we all have aches and pains, sore spots, parts of our body that don't work like they used to and prohibit us from playing with the kids, walking the dog, going for a hike, or whatever it is that brings you joy. Sean can fix it, and if he can't, he will make it better. He is not your stereotypical holistic healer with all the bullshit that comes with it. He is smart, he is nurturing, he is curious, he is kind, and he really cares. In Sean I trust, and so should you.

- Adam S.

My Experience has been Nothing Short of Incredible!

I cannot convey into words the immediate relief I felt after the first treatment. In three short months, my life has significantly changed for the better. After the first treatment, I came home and wanted to cry I was so happy. I could move my neck, hold my baby for longer than 15 minutes, and the burning pain had almost gone away completely. After the second treatment, I no longer had to take migraine medicine everyday. My sciatica has not bothered me once since then. On the third treatment we started to work on my abdominal scars from an emergency c-section and hysterectomy. The scar was red and tender, and hurt by the end of the day from rubbing against my clothing. It now looks like a normal scar and there's no pain!

- Bridgette M.

Finally some relief after 2 years!

I injured my foot about 2 years ago. Since then I have seen a variety of "traditional" and eastern medical practitioners with mostly disappointing results. However, things have slowly but steadily improved since I began seeing Sean for acupuncture treatments this year. Sean is compassionate, very knowledgeable and, most importantly, tenacious in his efforts to determine the root cause of an ailment. I would highly recommend seeing him to anyone who has not had success with other paths of treatment.

- D. Smith

A Trusted Source for Pain Management and Stress Relief

I absolutely trust Sean to provide Acupuncture treatments. It is a service I never would have considered given my dislike of needles, but he made the process comfortable and easy.

- Andrew B.

Work-Stress Relief

Sean is an extremely talented Acupuncturist. I am a computer programmer and I see him regularly to treat the various pains that my profession causes me (carpal tunnel, tension in my shoulders and back, and stress). Sean has a caring, professional bedside manner and talks you through the entire treatment process. He really puts you at ease whether this is your first acupuncture treatment or your 100th. Every treatment I receive from Sean makes me feel fantastic and brings me closer to a balanced body and mind.

- Rich R.

Achilles Tendonosis Therapy

Achilles tendonosis became chronic after I participated in the 3-day walk last November. Since then I have had deep tissue massage, acupuncture (from another therapist), X-Ray, MRI, physiotherapy, and finally met Sean. After my first treatment with him, I got up the following morning and could walk pain-free. I couldn’t believe it!! Since then, and its only been a few weeks, Sean has been totally tenacious and dedicated in his pursuit of correcting my soft tissue issues. He has stayed late on a number of occasions to add an extra treatment or show me new stretches, his knowledge never fails to impress me, and is is always current. In addition to Sean’s considerable professional competence, he is very compassionate, entertaining and fun to be with. I recommend Sean very highly.

- Maureen A.

So impressed!

From being a massage therapist for the past four years, I have accumulated a lot of imbalances in my body: chronic shoulder and neck pain, crepitus and tenderness in my wrists and elbows, deviations in my spine and overall postural imbalances... With Sean, so many of these issues have been addressed and within only a few sessions, entirely alleviated! I owe so much to him, not only for helping me heal and improve my overall work and athletic performance, but for his consistent success with helping my massage clients as well! Without a doubt, I highly recommend Sean.

- Trang P.

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